Tin Pan Alley

brickyard Pub & BBQ

432 Center Street, Lewiston, NY  

Center Cut: The Village Steakhouse

453 Center Street, Lewiston, NY

Reservations can be made at (716) 754-4330. However, if you have a large party, are planning an event, or need catering services, email our management team and we'll be in touch.. 

Tin Pan Alley

775 Cayuga Street, Lewiston, NY 14092

716 754-4330


We're located in the heart of old town. Centrally located, you can easily get to us from any area in the valley. Here's a map, but if you get lost, just give us a call and we'll tell you how to get here. 

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20 years ago, the Village of Lewiston welcomed us into the community when we opened Tin Pan Alley.  The support of our guests, who quickly became our friends, catapulted us into successful careers we couldn't have dreamed of. 

Because of the overwhelming support we have had the opportunity to expand our hospitality interests in the Village with Brickyard Pub & BBQ, Center Cut: The Village Steakhouse, and Brio Pizzeria & Restaurant.  We could not have done this without the patronage of our "first" guests.

                    Thank you,

                    Eric Matthews

                    & Ken Bryan

Brio Pizzeria & restaurant

436 Center Street, Lewiston, NY